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Welcome to my website.

I am a collector of Lledo diecast models, particularly from the Lledo Enfield era and like many other collectors , I buy & sell models as a way to provide the funds for my own collection.I have over 15,000 Lledo models for sale.

Many of you are aware of the history of Lledo, started by Jack Odell in the mid 80’s in Enfield. To the take over by Corgi in 1999/2000 and now owned by Hornby.

Over the last few years information as to model numbers and listings in general have been hard to find.

I have always had my own personal master Lledo listing that I use. It has been constructed over the years from the RDP listings and as many other sources of information as I have been able to find.

I have often been asked if I can put these listings up on the internet. All the information contained in these lists is my own interpretation, I do not expect it to be 100% accurate., nor is it complete. If you have any comments/corrections to suggest/or just an observation to make please contact me.

You can contact me MIKE ALLENDEN on the following
 01249 818677 /  07792255087 / lledoman@aol.com / thelledoman on ebay

Choose one of the following (you will need a copy of excel & then navigate/search the spreadsheet in the normal way);

They may take a few minutes to open, so please be patient!

1-Model t van listing (dg/sl/lp/sp/pv/c3 06’s) - click here

2-Model t tanker listing (dg/sl/lp/sp/pv/c3 08’s) - click here

3-All other Lledo listing (dg01 to dg240,pm’s,vanguards,sets literature etc) - click here

4-Lledo for sale list (all prices exclude postage. Please contact me for availability of models & total price including postage costs).- Click here

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